Visions, Values and Goals of the Reflections Inn

The Vision
The Reflections Inn will be a safe, comfortable and beautiful place promoting rest, reflections, renewal, and personal growth.  
The Reflections Inn will welcome all people and treat them as valued, unique persons deserving kindness and respect. 

What We Value
The owners of the Reflections Inn value: 
-Truth and Fairness
-Respect for All People
-Kindness and Forgiveness
-Service to Others
-Continuous Growth
-A Healthy Planet

Our Goals 
The Reflections Inn strives to provide: 
-A safe, quiet, and comfortable place in which guest, friends, and family can find solace from the hectic pressures of daily life.  
-A place in which individuals can reflect, gain greater self-awareness, and realize personal growth.
-Opportunities to build greater trust between people of different social, ethnic, religious, cultural, and political backgrounds.