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Backcountry North Central Idaho Travel Information

There are many pull-out locations and interpretive sites worth the stop. It is a bit like traveling in a National Park, but with a few little towns sprinkled in. It is best to avoid driving in the dark. Wildlife is particularly active at dusk as they come down to the rivers to water. Passing lanes are infrequent, but identified, so just relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of our unspoiled country.

Driving Conditions
Plenty of time should be allowed for your travel to the Inn. All highways in our region are two-lane and VERY winding. Average driving speed will probably be about 50 mph. and caution should be exercised. Wildlife, bicyclists, rocks in the road, and slow-moving campers can be a real surprise as you round a sharp curve. Highway 12 is kept open year around, but road conditions should be checked before traveling. Watch your gas tank. Gas stations can be many miles apart. PLEASE TRAVEL SAFELY!

Food and Dining
You will want to anticipate your dining plans depending on the season. While we do not offer dinner here at the inn, a small kitchen (fully equipped with dishes and cookware) and an out door grill are available for guest use. “Prepare your own” meals, snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

Restaurants and cafes are limited in our area and often close during the quieter months of the year. Most restaurants close between 8 and 9 pm even in the busy season. Cafes and restaurants are a drive of 15 - 45 minutes.

Time Zone
We’re in the Pacific time zone.

Indian Rock Weather and Climate
Reflections Inn is nestled in the river valley at the elevation of 1660 feet. Our weather is milder than the surrounding mountains that can rise several thousand feet with much more severe weather and temperatures. While we do get snow in the winter, it does not last for long. Our spring is often rainy and colorful amid new growth. Fall is mild with chilly nights and warm days. Summer days can be quite hot in late July and August with night temperature dropping. This is also our dry, “fire season”.

Forest Service Roads

There are many Forest Service gravel and dirt roads in our area. These roads are not always open and should only be traveled in a high clearance vehicle. It is best to check with Forest Service offices for current road conditions and maps before traveling. Never travel in these areas without adequate fuel, clothing, food and water.

Hiking TrailThere are many brochures, books, maps and interpretive signs to assist you in enjoying our National Forests. While we can help with your planning here at the inn, it is best to check on current conditions before starting out. The Forest Service has ranger stations throughout the region. Most of our nearby trails climb up out of the river valley and can be strenuous. Good walking or hiking shoes, layered clothing, water and food are a must and walking sticks can be helpful. Below are a few notes about the wildlife.

Mature Bull Elk in Northern IdahoWildlife
A wide variety of animals and birds inhabit the area and migratory birds are prolific. An observant traveler can see deer, elk, moose, black bear, mountain lion, and bobcat, even from the highway. Please be respectful and cautious. Hunting is only permitted during restricted seasons and with a license that is strictly enforced. For regulations – Idaho Fish and Game

Spiders, Snake and Bugs
It is important to remember we live in the woods where nature is abundant. This sometimes includes the less welcome members of our ecosystem. Rattle snakes can sometimes be found in the hot, rocky, river beds. While caution should be taken when hiking, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.
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